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Accomplished. Determined. Efficient. South Florida attorney representing condominium and homeowners associations.
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Florida Attorney Handles Condo and Homeowners Association Issues

Are you 100% happy with the way your association's legal matters are being handled? Are numerous delinquencies and violations preventing your community association from meeting its full potential? When you call or email your attorney do you get to speak to an attorney? If you do, do they speak to you in everyday English or is the legal-ease leaving you even more confused?

Whether it be reducing the number of delinquencies or demanding that owners comply with the association's governing documents by curing violations, your general counsel should be easily accessible and should be working side by side with your property manager and board of directors to help the board achieve its association goals.

Samuel Landol Jr., Esq has been assisting his Condominium and Homeowner Associations clients with maintaining a stream of revenue via fair and efficient collection procedures, ensuring contractor and vendor compliance by assisting with reviewing and negotiating contracts, drafting/ amending governing documents, covenant enforcement, legal opinions and with the daily operation and administration of their communities and many more matters to list.

Sam believes that the key to every relationship- business, legal, or otherwise- is COMMUNICATION. That is why, unlike most attorneys, Sam does not bill for most phone calls. He often says, "If I billed for every phone call my clients would not call me. If they do not call me we would not communicate and without communication there is no relationship." Sam loves the relationship part of the job. I enjoy obtaining successful outcomes for my clients but what I enjoy most is educating my clients. While most attorneys may prefer that clients be left in the dark so they continue to return for business, Sam believes it is the relationship and confidence in his practice that keeps clients coming back. The more I learn from my clients the better I can represent them and the more they learn from me, the better they understand outcome of the case.

Sam also represents residential and commercial landlords and tenants, handles various contract disputes, and can assist with purchase and sale agreements.

Sam has some of the lowest prices in the industry but with great results and communication it is his repeat business that keeps him successful. Sam would like you to stop wrestling with expensive attorney fees and poor customer service and give him a call 954-743-4091. The phone call is free and always confidential. Call now and ask him to handle your association's first collection case at no charge to the association. He speaks English, Spanish and limited Portuguese.

South Florida firm helps boards manage governance matters and disputes

Condominium and homeowners associations have broad responsibilities and a wide variety of legal obligations. In most cases, board members are volunteers who are looking to build a better community and satisfy a diverse group of unit owners, some of whom have competing interests. Skillful counsel from an attorney with a detailed understanding of applicable laws helps associations handle both routine tasks and unexpected challenges. My firm, Landol Law Firm, PA, delivers this type of representation to condo and homeowners’ boards throughout South Florida. I have assisted governing boards and other community authorities for more than a decade and understand how to resolve complex issues successfully and without undue expense.

Experienced adviser finds creative solutions to community concerns

No matter the size or type of your residential community, you can trust my firm to provide knowledgeable, cost-effective advice on association matters because of my:

  • Community reputation — Throughout Florida, I have provided effective legal support to governing boards for more than a decade. Clients and fellow attorneys have recognized my ability to find creative solutions to the most difficult problems.
  • Responsive counsel — Open, honest communication gives HOAs and condo associations the best chance to make smart decisions about their legal and fiduciary duties. My firm responds to questions and concerns promptly so you don’t have to guess about your options.
  • Personalized attention — I understand that each community is different, so I take the time to learn about the unique aspects of each situation my firm handles. This way, you can count on counsel that addresses your association’s particular short- and long-term needs.

Whether you need immediate assistance for a specific matter or seek to retain an attorney who will provide ongoing advice as your community evolves, my firm offers exceptional representation and service.

Areas of Practice

Skillful lawyer delivers strong guidance on condominium and HOA matters

In Palm Beach County and the surrounding area, I deliver comprehensive legal support for matters relating to:

  • Condominium association representation — Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes contains strict provisions that govern the creation and oversight of condominiums, and the state recently increased unit owners’ powers to take on their associations. No matter what action your condominium board wishes to take, it’s essential to gain an informed perspective on the relevant statutes and regulations issued by the Florida Division of Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes.
  • Homeowners association representation — My firm drafts, interprets and enforces covenants governing homeowners associations, making sure that terms comply with Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes and other legal provisions. For situations pertaining to collections, nuisances, common areas, property management and other key concerns, I deliver effective guidance.
  • Litigation involving residential associations — For a full range of disputes that affect condominium and homeowners associations, such as those arising from covenant breaches, payments, code violations and service contracts, I serve as a strong advocate focused on achieving a positive result.

People develop a significant emotional attachment to their homes, so emotions often run high. I work diligently to avert and resolve disputes in a professional manner that saves my clients time and resources.


Contact a dedicated Florida lawyer for a homeowner or condo association issue

Landol Law Firm, PA advises and advocates for South Florida homeowners and condominium associations. To schedule a consultation at my office, please call 954-743-4091 or contact me online.

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